Thursday, June 18, 2015

How's that for a glove box?

Karen had a really nice safe but had lost the combo.... So we had to get some sheet notarized, pay 20$ and they sent us the combo.... So I installed it next to the fridge, fits nicely, screwed it from the back and bottom inside to the floor plywood and sheet metal side.... No ones getting that out without the combo without destroying the floor and wall.

Should ease the worry of being in sketchy areas with anything valuable in the bus....

Also, today I tested all the spark plugs and put in a clear hose for the main fuel line to test if any air bubbles are getting in.... Most glow plugs tested fine, but some were suspect, while no bubbles were to be seen in the hose testing, this is leading me to believe the hard start is due to a glow plug issue...

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