Wednesday, April 29, 2015

In good shape!

Learned a lot about the engine over past few weeks.  

- replaced lift fuel pump
- replaced and relocated PMD module which seemed to fix my stalling problem
- got air in fuel lines when checking fuel filters, then learned how to get it out
- got RV plates and got it registered
- got insurance
- took it to a local shop and they checked it over, gave me an oil change, oil filter and new air filter.
- did the longest road testing ive done so far today and it ran beautifully
- got the hang of driving it, which was easier than expected
- moved it to the street, shouldnt have an issue keeping it there now
- did a few more interior things, ill post about that next.

I really hope to go out camping in it very soon!  The weather here has been amazing.

Friday, April 3, 2015

More pics after more work past couple of days.

It's about ready for me to head to DMV to get title switched, I think I have everything in finished working order, a lot of minor things to do still but for the most part it's an RV now :)

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Water In / Faucet / Electrical In / New Batteries / Seat / Poly and Stain / Back Flashing Lights

- Installed water in and got water system all configured - has multiple functions (Valve for fill from water in, valve for turning off water in, the pump has pressure sensor so will only turn on when faucet is on) will only use 5 gal buckets for reserve and waste. Waste bucket will have to manually be emptied. Also installed drain.

 - Installed waterproof 30 amp electrical outlet for driver side, connects into the separate electrical system with 10-2(w/ground) romex wire. Also finished electrical with plastic junction boxes, etc.

 - Bought a couple of brand spanking new batteries for the bus, 1000 CCA - $100 a piece from farm and fleet - started the engine up and ran it for 30 min or so - started on first try.

 - Re-installed old seat with new bolts

 - Applied a coat of poly to the bathroom and kitchen walls, and a coat of stain+poly for the other plywood walls

 - Pulled out back flashing lights, terminated ends and covered with sheet metal + acrylic caulk  (forgot to take pics, I will post again soon)

Sore from all the work I've been putting in but I am close to heading to DMV with some pics to get the title changed to RV....