Friday, February 20, 2015

Birch Wood Floor Cut and Laid

Monday I picked up 5x 8'x4’ 3/4" birch plywood, had to go through the pile they had for the prettiest of them, total was around $250....  Today I cut the wood and laid it down, might have to wait a bit for a warm day for the poly, but can nail them down now.   

The wood is beautiful, cant wait to see it pop after the poly!

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Wood & White Paint

So I bought a circular saw, cut the 2x4s, screwed them in under windows using 2.5" nails and liquid nail adhesive.  Also installed 'studs' every 24" to help with building and left some space at the bottom to allow for running electrical or other cords.   It was a struggle to get in a rythm due to my lack of experience in these things, but I got er done.

Also painted ceiling, back door and tops above windows with the glossy white rustoelum, it was tricky getting the ceiling painted without the paint filling in the holes, still could use another coat since it looks patchy in places, but it looks nicereally opens and brightens it up, just had to have very little paint on brush/roller.