Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Winter Lets Up and I Seize Progress

Got a lot done in the past couple weeks....

- removed the back heater, drained the coolant out of the hoses and heater
- ordered u-shaped brass hose connector online and installed at base of hoses for back heater
- re-taped and painted a second coat of the latex paint for water proofing and finishing the pre plywood floor ( might do another retape/recoat again)
- reconnected batteries and ran engine for a while running back heater heat to make sure new connections we not leaking and u-ing as it should, as well as checking coolant levels
- started painting ceiling and top siding inside white, pics to come

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Winter progress

Finally got a break in the weather being above 30 and not high humidity so I was able to tape up the floor with sheet metal repair tape and paint most of it with the latex paint.  I missed a few small holes that I noticed after the paint, and I need to get the heater out and paint under the copper piping, so still under the mercy of the weather for those tasks then on to the plywood flooring.