Thursday, June 18, 2015

How's that for a glove box?

Karen had a really nice safe but had lost the combo.... So we had to get some sheet notarized, pay 20$ and they sent us the combo.... So I installed it next to the fridge, fits nicely, screwed it from the back and bottom inside to the floor plywood and sheet metal side.... No ones getting that out without the combo without destroying the floor and wall.

Should ease the worry of being in sketchy areas with anything valuable in the bus....

Also, today I tested all the spark plugs and put in a clear hose for the main fuel line to test if any air bubbles are getting in.... Most glow plugs tested fine, but some were suspect, while no bubbles were to be seen in the hose testing, this is leading me to believe the hard start is due to a glow plug issue...

Monday, June 15, 2015

WARNING!! Peace and love!

Painted roof with two coats of white rust oleum.... Should help with heat,,, also cut and rounded stop sign, painted it green then painted it some fun sacred geometry and other hippie art.

WARNING! Peace and love!

Really ties the room together, don't you think?

Friday, June 12, 2015

More rope trim, more screen stuff, safe, back door, etc...

I am grateful for having some nice days and being able to get so much done in the past two days!

Today I was able to:
- re-caulked the windows outside to ensure no water gets in-between walls (it was cracked)
- re-installed overhangs / 'eyelids' over where used to be the flashing warning lights, my wife might paint some eyeballs there :)
- got some smaller rope and did lots of trim, all bathroom trim, also around the fridge area and on the wheel well area (white caulk will turn clear)
- finished the screens with installing 2 screen clips on each window in the middle of the screen on each side, it slides to stop screen from coming out.... Total cost of all supplies for 8 window screens was about $30!
- moved things around a bit to get the safe in... Although still waiting on Karen's dad to see if he remembers the combo, she got it from him years ago and never wrote down the combo or used it...!  :). Worst case scenario we have to write the safe company with pics and explanation and they send back the backdrop combo or something like that
- disabled the back door safe lock where you couldn't start it with backdoor unlocked, had to try a bunch of things but ended up just having to disconnect the piece of electronics that the lock was attached to.....

I think that's it....

Window Screens & More Trim

After going out camping this week for a couple nights we realized our mistake of not figuring out the screen situation before hand.... the bugs were bad and it was hot, so we pretty much were unable to use the bus during the day at all!

We had an amazing spot though right on the St Croix in WI....

So after some research I found there are these 10" adjustable screens from Menards, went to check them out, seemed about right, and they were on sale for $3 each!  I picked up 7.   

They fit perfectly!  Only thing is keeping them stuck in there, so I put screws under them in the windows so they snug in there, then I am going to look for the slider things to keep them in place, like you see on house window screens to remove them easily.   Then we will only use when parked and can use on any of the windows with the windows open or closed as much as we want!

I also custom cut some screen and added velcro to it for the emergency top exit screen.  This is how we were going to do the other windows too, but glad I found the adjustable screens. 

Also did some rope trim on top of the bathroom.