Monday, August 24, 2015

We Made It!

Well, after some troubles on the road, we made it to OR!

The main events were as followed:
- First day broke down on side of highway - stalled like it did with PMD, put in new PMD and still wouldnt start.... finally started after tow truck pulled up - but decided to have them do the free AAA tow to the local place.  

- Second day find out the local place AAA towed is incorrectly listed as a machanic place, and know one in sight to help with the engine, (or reconnect the drive shaft)

- Had to find a place to come reconnect drive shaft and clean off the joints that I got dirty while trying myself to put it in for $50 - then drove the bus the next day to Fargo

- Fargo guys and Midland Diesel helped quite a bit - installed a electrical relay for the PMD and fuel pump, they had done it in other 6.5L and said it had fixed the PMD from overheating and stalling issue.  He also replaced OPS and tested the fuel pump, all for around $300.

- Next day we made it a few hours to Bismarck only to fill up on diesel but notice a leak coming from driver side driving wheel.   Rust ate out a hole in the BRAKE lines!! Brake fluid was spraying out of the pin sized hole when you press on brake pedal.... we had to veryyy slowly and carefully drive / coast it to a local truck place who took 2 days to replace brake lines/calibrators/and brake pads on front brakes.  $1300

- So from that point we had spent at least $2k on hotels, meals, gas/diesel and bus repairs over 4-5 days and only had made it to the middle of ND!  On top of that the cats were not having fun.

- But after that, we cruised and powered through the rest of it stopping only 3 more times in Billings, Missoula, and Spokane.  Made it to Portland at our new apartment on Monday, around 7 days on the road!

Now the bus is running great, starts up right away now instead of cranking a bunch.  Also installed another solar panel to make it so the 12v fridge doesnt suck the power out in 2 days of camping - now it seems like it would last good for 4-5 days if ran continuously with good sun.