Monday, March 9, 2015

Poly Coat 1, Wheels, Electrical, Radiators

Disabled the radiator next to driver seat and then pulled out tubes and made the loop in the engine.  This way I dont have to worry about any coolant leak in the future.   Decided not to take out radiator next to driver seat and just drained the coolant out and made a little loop with some of the tube just to avoid any drips.

Finished sealing the wheel wells and cut some plywood to cover them.  

Figured out the electrical system, more detail about this to come, will be easier to take pictures once it's installed, I have all the wire and equipment and am ready to go.  Here's the diagram, only change on this diagram I didnt make yet is having the battery ground go to ground bus 2 instead of 1. 

.... and did the first coat of poly today!

 .... and one other shot of the bus with a nice sunrise the other morning.

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