Sunday, March 22, 2015

Can you see it now?

I have done a lot of progress since last post....

- got 1/4" plywood for walls & cut and installed about half
- finished front little part left for steel finishing and plywood, still need to poly it tho
- got door, cabinets, light fictures from habitat for humanity retore for super cheap, door was $5.  Also have a really cool sink i am waiting for epoxy to dry to put in.
- install most of electric system, still need to put in waterproof 30-amp in outlet for outside, outlet coming from amazon now.
- cut hard board for floors of cabinets from home depot $5 for 8'x4'
- Started a bit of decorating with amazing high quality sticker from an artist we like, Andres Preis.  Have another fox one for the front.  Also got a sweet remote controlled led light strip that does fading and all shades of light, runs on 12v, 18ft roll off amazon for 25$!   Saw same exact one at home depot for $44 for 8ft!!  
- cut countertop out of extra 3/4" birch plywood abd holes for faucet and sink, did 2 coats of poly to match coloring of floors and then a coat of epoxy, which was a process on its own, let me know if you have questions as to what i did i coukd explain in more detail.  Turned out awesome!!  Is now glass like protected countertop like youd see at a resturant., splsh guard next

I have tomorrow off so hope to get more done!  

Feel free to ask questions on anything, or comments and feedback are welcome.  

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