Friday, October 17, 2014

We Bought a School Bus!

Less than a month ago I realized that purchasing a school bus, converting it to an RV and using it to move across the country was a great idea.

So, after some convincing, searching and researching, I found the right sized (41 passenger) school bus for sale from a school, I went to check it out and although my school bus & diesel engine knowledge is small, he answered all the questions right and I went for it.

He agreed to deliver the bus to our house (I was either looking for this to happen or I would have needed someone with a CDL to move it legally).

$2500 later we owned a school bus!   I had to drive it around the yard a bit to get it parked where it is the least visible for neighbors (although one neighbor did not approve).

She's a 6.5L Diesel 1999 Bluebird.   It's got 150k on it but the engine was rebuilt at 90k.  Runs really well!  Our plan is to convert it to an RV and move out to Portland in spring with it.

The adventure begins!

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